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Kiichi Watanabe

Staff Scientist (Biologist)
Kiichi Watanabe
Contact information for Kiichi Watanabe
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Mail Code: MC 156-29
Office: Church Laboratory
Phone: 626-395-6845
M.D. Nagoya University, Japan (1999)
Ph.D. Kyoto University, Japan (2005)

My doctoral research focused on the molecular mechanisms of mammalian neural development using mouse and primate embryonic stem (ES) cells in Yoshiki Sasai's lab at Kyoto University and RIKEN CDB. After these studies, I changed my research direction to functional aspects of the nervous system and joined David Anderson's group at Caltech in September of 2006 as a postdoctoral fellow. My current work seeks to understand how innate behavior, especially Drosophila aggressive behavior, is controlled by neuromodulation in the brain. Specifically, the goal of my current project is to investigate how octopamine and other biogenic amines influence aggressive behavior in Drosophila.